About Us


David Gram Stores

Specialist for Peanuts in Sri Lanka

David Gram Stores was founded by late Mr. David Gnanapragasam (1938 – 2009) in the year 1962. In the early years, Mr. David was a cart vendor by the shores of Galle Face, selling peanuts and chickpeas. Later, succeeding through all the hard work, he opened his first shop at 214, gasworks street, under the name “ DAVID GRAM STORES “. This location is yet our primary outlet and head office.

Now David Gram Stores is the leading snack manufacturers in Sri Lanka. Operating the business since 1962 we are the experts in manufacturing traditional snacks. Our snack range consists of the traditional spicy mixtures to flavoured bites and murukkus and not forgetting the manioc chips. Our main ingredient in many of our snacks is the peanut, without which none would taste good.

All our clients cherish our quality and the enriching taste of mixtures and murukkus. Weddings, bars, hoteliers, parties and evening tea time snacks would be incomplete without our savouries.


Our Mission

We, at David Gram Stores, work in integrity and unity to maintain the honesty of the products we create with the sole intention of satisfying each and every one of our customers.


Our Vision

Our forefather built this business by honesty and hard work. We intend to preserve this honesty in all our ventures as a company.



We, at David Gram Stores, strive towards producing fried snacks to our valued customers around the country, ensuring food safety and quality.

Our team of motivated competent professionals with strong employer-employee relationships and mutual understanding with suppliers will strive towards conforming to rapidly changing International, national statutory and regulatory requirements as well as mutually agreed customer food safety requirements. This is established out by continuous reviews and continuous improvement of the Food Safety Management System of our production facilities and processes.

Our FSMS is available to interested parties of the company while we communicate internally effectively.

We pledge full commitment to our society and also to protect the environment to the best of our ability.


David Gram Stores

Specialist for Peanuts in Sri Lanka